seo essexSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a great way to invite traffic to a website, ensuring that the site is structured in a way which allows the website to become visible and highly ranked on Google.

SEO is of great importance especially during the early stages of the start up of a website as well as the long term strategy for your business

Here at iTec32 Limited we have a clear understanding of the importance and principles your website needs in order to get the RIGHT traffic for those all important sales leads or shopping cart conversions.

Some of our services include…

  • Keyword & phrase research
  • Competitor backlink research (find out how your competitors get to the top)
  • Implimentation of researched keywords & phrases into your site
  • Article writing
  • Website administration
    • Content updates
    • Article writing
    • News updates
  • Website registration & hosting
  • Market research
    • Outreach (finding websites to be placed on)
    • Keyword & phrase research (best phrases for your target market)
  • Social media

We work in conjunction with Essex SEO – Futurewasp